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Kitty Kat Pill Reviews

You must have heard about a lot of male enhancement supplements but why should men have all the fun? Women also have just as much desire as men do. However, often, women feel like they are not getting the best from sex. This might be due to the male’s performance or the female’s body state.

No matter what the reason is, instead of focusing on the root of the problem, people jumped straight to the easiest solution: supplements. There are female enhancement supplements out there too and one of them is Kitty Kat Pill. We will take a look at the working of this pill and whether it does what it is supposed to do.

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Introduction to Kitty Kat Pill

Some people think that it is only men that can have sexual dysfunctions. This is not true. Women can also have such issues and Kitty Kat Pill is made as a fix for these problems. The manufacturers of this pill say that if you want to have great sex or improve arousal, then this pill is for you. There can be two situations in which you might find yourself:

  • You do not feel sexually aroused so you want something that will put you in the mood.
  • Or, you are already having good sex with your partner but you want to make it better or spice it up.

In both of these situations, Kitty Kat Pill is the fix, according to its manufacturers. It is a pill that will make your body ready for sex. Sometimes, women might lack sexual interest due to the hormonal imbalance of their body or other reason. Just like men, women also get strongly affected by stress. So, if you are under stress, your sexual desire is definitely bound to suffer.

Moreover, some women might get aroused but they find it hard to maintain this arousal or stay interested for long. The company says that Kitty Kat Pill will help you in staying aroused for long. Basically, you are not in for just a run but a marathon.


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What does Kitty Kat Pill do?

There are certain ingredients in this pill that will make you sexually aroused. It is made for heightening your desire and for making you fully interested in sexual intercourse. The company says that its supplement work in different ways. Let us take a look at all of them.

Providing Lubrication

If there is not enough lubrication, the woman might feel pain or might not be too comfortable. This is why foreplay is so important. However, sometimes, women might not be able to get wet enough, even with foreplay. Kitty Kat Pill comes in, here. It provides lubrication so that sex can become a pleasing experience for you. Lubrication makes sex much more comfortable and easy.

Increasing Libido

Kitty Kat Pill also works by increasing your libido. Everyone has a certain appetite for sex. However, if you have a sexual issue, you will not feel that hunger, even when you are with your partner. So, this Pill helps in increasing your libido to give you a natural boost. The manufacturers of the pill say that you will be ‘hungrier for sex’ than you have ever been.

Better Orgasms

The female orgasm has intrigued men forever. However, if you are doing everything right, you can surely make a woman orgasm. Sometimes, the bodily condition of a female might be making it hard for her to have an orgasm. The company behind this Pill says that their pill gives you many powerful orgasms. It does not only make them strong but also increases their frequency.

Increased Blood Flow

For orgasm, it is important that there is sufficient blood flow to the vulva as it makes the genital sensitive to any sensation. Kitty Kat Pill increases blood flow to the vulva and this increases sensitivity in the region, leading to quick and frequent orgasm.

How to use Kitty Kat Pill?

The only positive thing we could find about Kitty Kat Pill was how easy it is to consume. Other than that, all other claims sounded fishy and were not backed by evidence.

  • Kitty Kat Pill comes as a pill that has to be taken about an hour before sex.
  • You must drink at least a glass of water when taking the pill.
  • The company says that the effect of this pill lasts for 72 hours.

You should not take it every 60 hours. This means that you need to give your body a break and not use Kitty Kat Pill continuously. Also, you should not use the pill if you have used another medicine in the past 12 hours. This is because the ingredients can react with each other and might lead to adverse results for your body.

Does Kitty Kat Pill work?

The company swears by its product and the manufacturers say that you will not find anything like this in the market. But isn’t this what all companies say? We can only trust a company that brings proof with the claims. The company behind Kitty Kat Pill says that this pill has been developed by doctors.

However, we could not find any doctors that claim they have tested or developed Kitty Kat Pill. Also, there was no information on the company’s website about any doctor. Normally, if a doctor has tested or developed a supplement, they would talk about it publicly on their website or social media accounts. We did not find any such information. Moreover, there was no certificate or approval. From this, we can deduce that the ‘doctor-developed’ tagline is just for attracting customers. It has no real value because it is not true.


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Side Effects of Kitty Kat Pill

There can be possible side effects of Kitty Kat Pill since it has not been tested properly. Also, we have no clue about the ingredients that are present in it. It could be harmful to those women who are slightly older since their bodies do not respond to the supplements in the same way as younger bodies too.

If you use this pill and are using other medication, you could face severe side effects. You should consult your physician before using Kitty Kat Pill if you have heart or kidney problems. Women under the age of 18 should not use the pill. Furthermore, if you are pregnant or nursing, do not use this pill as there is no proof of its safeness in such women.

6 Reasons to Avoid

It is understandable why you might want to use Kitty Kat Pill or such supplements. Everyone wants to have a banging time in bed and there is no reason they should not. But the important thing here is that you should also take care of your health. This is why you need to avoid Kitty Kat Pill.

  1. The pill has not been developed by doctors or even approved by any.
  2. The company does not mention any reference or study that they used to formulate this pill.
  3. They have not revealed the list of ingredients they have used in this product.
  4. Kitty Kat Pill is not safe for women with heart disease, diabetic, elderly and pregnant women.
  5. Since it works by affecting the blood flow, it could lead to severe issues too.
  6. It is quite expensive and its effect does not last for 72 hours.

Customer Reviews

Sheela/37 years: Due to stress from work, I was unable to do so well in bed. I felt like my husband was putting in a lot of effort but I just did not feel like it. I felt bad for him because he might be feeling that he is not doing enough for me. So, I decided to try Kitty Kat Pill as I had already heard about it from a friend. I was very excited because I thought it would increase my sexual desire and I will be able to have a wonderful time in bed. However, it did not even come up to expectations, let alone exceed them. I definitely did not feel extra lubricated or sexually aroused.


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Where & How to Buy?

Even though there is not much evidence to support the company’s claims, some people might want to try out the pill for themselves. If you are one of these people, you can find the pill on their website here. The pill is being sold in a pack.

  • The price for one pack is $19.99.
  • If you buy two packs together, you will save $2.
  • The company says that the 3-pack bundle is their best value as you will save $6 on it.

You can pay through PayPal for your order. The company ships your order in 3 to 5 days.

Final Verdict

If you want to make your sex life amazing again, you do not need Kitty Kat Pill since it does not even work. What you need is a reduction in your stress levels and a heart-to-heart discussion with your partner about what might be bothering you or what might be missing in your sex life.

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