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Electro Keto

Obesity was once just considered a condition but today it is considered a disease. This is because obesity could be the precursor of multiple other diseases such as heart disorders or diabetes. Research has shown that obese individuals are more prone to several diseases than people who are not obese. Due to this, people are starting to realize that they need to do something about their increasing weight.

While some people take to exercising to lose weight, others like to take the shortcut i.e. supplements. There are a lot of supplements from different companies that you can easily find online. However, are they good for your body? Do they have any harmful additives? Will they even help you lose weight or are they just scams? Not a lot of people ask these questions when they are blinded by the claims made by such companies. Electro Keto is a supplement in this list too.

Electro Keto

Introduction to Electro Keto

Electro Keto is a weight loss supplement. Nowadays, it has become a trend to take a fancy word and slap the word ‘keto’ along with it to make it sound like a convincing weight loss supplement. If you have done your research about weight loss, at some point, you would have come across ketosis or the keto diet. You might have found it hard to follow one so you decided to use a supplement that does something similar to the keto diet.

  • The advertisement which is put out by the manufacturers of Electro Keto is something along the same lines.
  • They say that they cater to those people who found it hard to follow a keto diet but want to lose weight through the same mechanism.
  • Using Electro Keto means that these people would not have to make major dietary changes.
  • Yet, they would lose weight through ketosis as that is the route through which this supplement works.

It is not hard to ignore that these claims are the same as those made by multiple other companies who have supplements of similar names. What makes Electro Keto different from the other supplements? Well, nothing at all. It is also one of those good-for-nothing supplements that are just used to gain money from the buyers.

How Does Electro Keto Work?

The manufacturers of Electro Keto explain that their supplement works through ketosis. For those of you who might not know what this is, let us explain it a bit to you. Ketosis is a bodily state in which the human body uses fats as the primary source of energy rather than carbs.

This is not a normal state and the body only switches to this energy production mechanism when it is in dire need of energy and carbs are not available.

Years ago, the beauty and weight loss industry found out that they can manipulate the body to enter ketosis. This is how the keto diet was born. You would eat a lot of fats and lower your carb intake. This would make your body believe that it needs to use fats since they are in abundance.

  • Electro Keto works somewhat similarly as it has a high concentration of ketones in it.
  • These ketones work in place of fats to make your body think that it needs to go for fat metabolism.
  • As a result of that, the body starts to burn the fats it has stored as a reserve.
  • These are the fats that are present in your buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. Since adipose tissue is under the skin, it makes you appear fat when there is a thick layer of this tissue.

Electro Keto

Does Electro Keto Work?

The real question is whether Electro Keto works or not. We would answer this using two ways. First of all, for the body to stay in ketosis for a long time, you have to take in a lot of fats or ketones. This is why when you are on a keto diet, you even have to eat keto snacks to maintain the body’s state.

However, when it comes to Electro Keto, there isn’t such a high concentration of ketones in it. It does have ketones like BHB in it but there are not present in a sufficient amount to keep you in ketosis for a long time. The manufacturers do not even mention the threshold ketone count needed for ketosis, on their website. This goes on to show that they have not done their research well.

Secondly, Electro Keto is not tested by any third party. This is a clear sign that the manufacturers are not confident about their supplements or something fishy is going on which they do not want people to know.

Looking at both of these reasons, it is hard to believe that Electro Keto would yield any real results.

Ingredients of Electro Keto

Since it is a keto-based supplement, the main ingredients present in Electro Keto are ketones. Other than that, some supplementary ingredients have also been added.


We have already mentioned above that Electro Keto contains BHB as an alternative to the fat amount that you would eat on a keto diet. When your body burns fats, it produces three ketones and one of them is BHB.

BHB, when it increases in concentration, makes your body believe that there is a high ketone concentration. The fat to carb ratio goes down due to a ketone surge. This takes your body towards ketosis.

Green’s Extract

The manufacturers of Electro Keto have added this extract to maintain the nutritional value of the supplement. This extract contains different veggies to maintain the mineral balance in the body.

Even when you are in ketosis, your body would need vitamins and minerals. Both these nutrients are very important for the proper functioning of the body. In their absence, the body suffers in terms of energy and metabolism so they need to be a part of any supplement.

Green Tea Extract

The manufacturers have also added green tea extract in Electro Keto for its antioxidant and weight loss properties. You might know green tea for slimming your waist but it also helps in cleaning the body and ridding it of toxins.

Garcinia Cambogia

This ingredient does not take your body towards ketosis but it does increase metabolism. So, it ensures that when the body is using fats, it uses more of them to support faster metabolism.

Electro Keto

Side Effects of Electro Keto

What would you expect from a supplement that has not been tested or approved? Of course, it would have side effects. Like many other supplements of its kind, this one also has causes jitters. This is something common in most weight loss supplements since they all contain stimulants that your body is not used to.

Other than that, users of Electro Keto have reported that they experienced the following side effects:

  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Palpitations
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth

These side effects could be even more severe if you are already sick or take any medications. Let us warn you that Electro Keto is not for nursing mothers or people who are chronically ill. The supplement contains ingredients that could interact with the compounds in your medication and cause severe issues.


Keto Trim5/5$19.74
Apple Cider Vinegar PureApple Cider Vinegar Pure5/5$24.95
CLA 2000CLA 20005/5$24.95
Forskolin PureForskolin Pure5/5$29.95
Garcinia Cambogia PlusGarcinia Cambogia Plus5/5$29.95

5 Reasons to Avoid

We have established from the beginning that Electro Keto is no good. However, you might be wondering why it is still so hyped? This is because people get carried away by the many claims made by the company without doing their proper research. Here are a few reasons why should stay away from this supplement.

  • It is important for a supplement to be approved or at least be tested by a third-party. This acts as a guarantee for the supplement but it is absent in the case of Electro Keto.
  • The manufacturers do not mention the basis on which they have used the ingredients that they have.
  • They also do not mention the sources of their ingredients.
  • There is no research associated with Electro Keto nor is there a trial.
  • The supplement can cause minor and major side effects but the manufacturers have not mentioned this anywhere in their advertisement.


Layla/30 years: I put on a few pounds last year as I was not careful about my eating habits. I would have joined the gym but there was just not enough time with me going to college and doing two jobs. So, I started using Electro Keto instead, in hopes to lose weight quickly. I am quite disappointed to say that buying Electro Keto was a waste of money and I would not recommend it to anyone.


Keto Trim5/5$19.74
Apple Cider Vinegar PureApple Cider Vinegar Pure5/5$24.95
CLA 2000CLA 20005/5$24.95
Forskolin PureForskolin Pure5/5$29.95
Garcinia Cambogia PlusGarcinia Cambogia Plus5/5$29.95

How to Buy?

The manufacturers sell Electro Keto on their website. Go to their website and click on ‘Order now’. From there, you can choose the number of bottles you want to buy, with one bottle selling at $59.99.

Final Verdict

Lastly, let us remind you that your health matters more than anything. There is no need for trying to look attractive for social media if it means putting a strain on your health or your wallet. There are many natural ways to lose weight and you would find them to be much more effective than Electro Keto.

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