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Barbarian XL Reviews

Barbarian XL: As a male, you might be suffering from sexual issues but you might have never heard the cause behind them. This is because no one talks about this topic, thinking of it as a taboo. This is why many men are in dark about what is happening to them and what can do they do to fix it.

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Silent Male Plague

There are only a few men who would have heard of this term before or would know what it actually is. The alarming thing is that the silent male plague affects almost every man that is over the age of 45 in the US, sexually. So, even though you might not have heard of it, you are being affected by it. In 1996, EPA issues a warning about this plague which showed that it was hurting the sexual health of men.

Over the years, this issue has been ignored by health care providers and pharmaceutical companies. This is because they think that the issue is common as everyone has it. So, it must not be much of a problem. However, this is not very true since this is a problem for men. Let us tell you something very surprising; the Oman retirement village has never seen this plague as no man there has ever been affected by it. Why is that?

This is because they are using a natural remedy for it. Their remedy helps them in staying active, sexually strong and slim. Facing sexual issues is also linked with inactiveness and obesity in men as all of these things are controlled by the same hormones.

What is Barbarian XL?

When Dr. Ryan Shelton heard of this village and the remedy that people there were using, he decided to add a modern touch to it. The natural remedy was formulated on a large scale to produce Barbarian XL. The major aim of making this supplement was to help men in getting sexually rejuvenated so that they no longer have to feel like they are too old for enjoying in bed.

  • This supplement is helpful for those people who need to improve muscle growth and their sexual performance.
  • It has been made in order to fuel confidence in men.
  • Along with that, it protects from health issues that men are commonly facing these days.
  • As mentioned earlier, the major aim of this supplement is to give you an awesome sex life.

Zenith labs are very confident that you will find your long-lost libido with Barbarian XL. If you are too tired at work and cannot satisfy your wife, then it is time for you to buy this supplement. With lack of testosterone comes back pain and obesity. All of these things can further affect your sexual health negatively. This is why Barbarian XL is in the market, to improve your overall health and to return your confidence to you.

Why does Testosterone Count Get Low?

Most people already know that low testosterone levels are the reason for their poor sexual health. The research was done to see why this happens and it was found that testosterone production is hindered by endocrine disrupters. These are present in your body and they affect different functions like sexual health, metabolism, etc. according to the research, there are about 100,000 endocrine disrupters in your environment and food so it is very easy to fall victim to them.

  • The solution for these disrupters comes in the form of Barbarian XL.
  • When you start taking the supplement, it fights with these disrupters to reverse their effect.
  • As a result, testosterone production goes back to normal and you are able to enjoy sex life once again.
Barbarian XL
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Ingredients of Barbarian XL

Zenith Labs has done a great job of compiling the best ingredients that could help in improving sexual health. They took ingredients from various natural sources and remedies from different cultures to make a supplement like Barbarian XL.

Boswellia Extract

This ingredient has been a part of many studies and that is why there is a lot known about its effectiveness. It helps in protecting your body from damage that happens due to toxins. There are a lot of pesticides in the food you eat and they can harm your body. Boswellia extract works against them and reduces their effects. Along with that, it also helps in reducing inflammation in your body.


This is a plant with flowers shaped like bells. The most important part of this flower is the root which has been used in India for centuries in reducing inflammation in the body. This plays a role in increasing testosterone levels.

  • This ingredient also lowers the level of cortisol which is a stress hormone.
  • So, when less stress is present, your performance also gets better.
  • Another benefit of the ingredient is that it increases energy levels and endurance so you will be able to do well in the gym too.

Tongkat Ali

This is a vital ingredient in every male enhancement supplement. It comes from Malaysia where it is commonly referred to as Long Jack. This herb supports healthy testosterone levels in men.


This ingredient is also called the ‘blood of the mountain’ and has over 80 minerals in it. So, you can imagine the benefits that it has for your body. It increases testosterone levels by 23.5% in men in just three months. Along with increasing the sexual libido, it also increases your sperm count.

Korean Ginseng Extract

There is a scale to measure how long a man can retain erection and penetration. Ginseng extract helps men rank higher on this scale. A study was done to see the effects of this ingredient and it was found that Ginseng extract actually helped men in staying hard for longer.

As you can see, Barbarian XL has plenty of helpful ingredients. They are all either aimed towards raising testosterone levels or improving erection quality. With the help of these ingredients, you will be able to feel like a man again.

Side Effects of Barbarian XL

There are very few side effects of Barbarian XL. You will experience side effects if you are allergic to one of the ingredients or if you are on prescription meds. Other than that, the company has made sure that they only use those ingredients that are safe for human usage. Also, they have taken their data from different researches done on these ingredients to make sure that their customers are not in danger.

Benefits of Barbarian XL

There are a lot of benefits of Barbarian XL. Other supplements only help in solving sexual issues but

  • Barbarian XL also helps in solving other problems that are associated with sexual issues.
  • First of all, the supplement helps in making your body much more active so that you do not slack at work or at home.
  • Also, it gives you the ability to do much better in bed and that is good news for you and your partner.
  • Many men who are unable to perform well also get obese due to a lack of testosterone.
  • The supplement helps them in losing weight and provides them the strength they need for working out.
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How to Use Barbarian XL?

The best part about Barbarian XL is that it is very easy to use. Of course, you are already bothered by your sexual issues. You do not want to take on a supplement that is hard to use. It would make your life even more miserable.

  • To use Barbarian XL, you have to take 2 capsules every day.
  • A single bottle contains 60 capsules and they are your supply for 30 days.
  • You have to take Barbarian XL on a daily basis and in about 90 days, you will start experiencing the effects.

Before you sue Barbarian XL, make sure that you are not taking any prescription drugs as they tend to mess up the working of any supplement.

Customers Reviews

Jim/49 years: Last year was the worst for me in terms of sexual performance. I could see the look of disappointment on my wife’s face every time we were in bed together. She tried so hard to make it work but our sexual life just kept going downhill because of me. I started taking Barbarian XL towards the end of last year and now, I am as good in bed as I was in my twenties. I am so much more energized and I love the desire that this supplement builds inside me.

That’s what happened with Andrew S., aged 66,
who wrote to me to say:

“My life was so busy I almost didn’t notice my deteriorating health creeping up on me. But I knew I had to do something about my health issues. Now that I’ve tried this Biblical ‘gift,’ my partner has ‘exclaimed’ a number of vital improvements in the bedroom. My partner is genuinely delighted. This has made a marked improvement in the quality of my life.”

And with Charles B., aged 44, who told me:

“I had ‘performance anxiety’ and worried my sex life was over. I had gained a lot of weight and didn’t know how to reverse things. When I saw this presentation, I had my doubts, but I figured I would take a chance and see.

I’m glad I did! I now have the energy for not only doing my job outside the home but at home as well. I don’t worry anymore about whether or not I’m able to satisfy my wife – I always know I can.

I have more pep in my step when it comes to just being in public and a ton more confidence. So much confidence, in fact, that younger woman (in her early 20s) winked at me in the gym! Nothing like that had ever happened before I found this presentation.

That’s why I tell others to try this. You’ll wish you had tried it sooner.”

Also Harold Nunez, aged 68, who said:

Before using Barbarian XL I was feeling sluggish, tired and my sexual drive was very low. I had no desire to workout and felt frustrated. I didn’t want to hang out with family or friends, and I gained weight.

I saw the ad for Barbarian XL and after reading the comments I thought to myself “what the heck, I try everything else, and if it doesn’t work I will return it”.

Since using this product it has given me stamina, energy, I feel more alive and it has boosted my testosterone level. I checked with my doctor, he tested me and found that my testosterone level increased. I am back at the gym, riding my bike, I’m more involved with work and clients and with our community church. I also enjoy going out to events with my wife. In bed, we are like teenagers again. It’s awesome!

Being 68 years old and a veteran who served in the Vietnam war it makes me feel like I’m in my early 40’s and I feel good. I just want to say “Thank You Barbarian XL”.

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Where & How to Buy Barbarian XL?

To try out Barbarian XL for solving your sexual issues, you can buy it online. Zenith labs will have you subscribed to the service once you buy your first bottle. After that, you will not have to place an order every month as a bottle will be sent to your address on the first day of the month. At only $69.99 per month, you will be able to have the sexual desire of a young man.& 50 Day Supply you will get 3 bottles at 39$/Bottle you save around 120$ if you order 6 months Supply you get 6 bottles at the rate of 33$ per bottle.

Final Words

If you can do something to make your sex life better, why not do it? Place your order for Barbarian XL today.

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